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What Should Be Involved In A Contract For Landscaping In NH

Any time you hire someone to provide a service for you, you should have a contract. A contract will protect your best interests and will also make sure that both you and your service provider are on the same page. If you plan on hiring a professional in landscape planning, you should have a contract in place before they begin working. There are several things that should be included in the contract.

Work Timeline

When you sit down with your landscaper, and let him know what you would like to have done, you should also get a timeline for the progress of the work. If the job is a big one, the contract should state when different parts of the project will be completed. Regardless of the size of the project, the contract should always state the date that the job will be completed. This will ensure that the project will be completed in a reasonable period.

Work Schedule

It is a good idea to have the landscaper's work schedule included in the contract. Having them list a start time, stop time, and weekend and holiday policies, will give you peace of mind that your landscaper is sticking to the planned schedule.

Project Plans

The project plans should always be included in the contract. This will ensure that the you are both on the same page regarding what is going to be done. When you have a contract, you can be sure that the landscape contractor will do everything that the two of you decided on.

Plant Guarantees

Plants and flowers can be expensive. If something is planted, and it does not live, you should find out whether or not the landscaper offers a guarantee. When this is listed in the contract, you can be sure that you are protected if something goes wrong.


When you sit down with your landscape contractor, you will decide what you want, and they will work around the budget that you set. Your contract should state the price of the materials and the work. This way you can be sure that you are going to pay only what you and your landscaper have decided on.

Payment Due Dates

If you are having a large project done, chances are you will be paying for the work in installments, as the work is being done. The contract between you and your landscaper should note when each installment would be due.

On-Going Work

If you plan to have your landscaper come out regularly to maintain your yard, you should include the details in your contract. It should state how often they will maintain your yard, what work will be done, and what the cost will be per visit. This way you will never need to go over the details of what you want to have done, as it will all be listed in the contract.

Having a contract with your landscaper will protect both of you while the work is being done.

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