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To Be or Not to Be Gated : Automatic Driveway Gate Systems

A gated driveway is a reminder of what is important to the homeowner; security and family. Not only do driveway gates look wonderful but they keep unwanted visitors away from the door. Buying a home is a major investment and ensuring that it's safe and secure is paramount. Driveway gates were once the entrance ways to homes of the rich and famous, but now driveway gates are popping up all over the country in all types of homes and income brackets.

There are many benefits to installing automatic gates. The main point for most is security. Driveway gates provide privacy and security and prevent unwanted visitors such as solicitors from getting to the door. Driveway gates can be fitted with inexpensive cameras and monitoring systems which add additional security to the home. The aesthetics factor of a driveway gate is enhancement of the dignity and look of the property. The gated home has a better resale value than the ungated one. It is a great finishing touch akin to putting a beautiful frame on a picture or portrait. But as with finding the right frame for that portrait, finding the right gate means matching needs and design ideas with a budget.

There are two types of automatic driveway gates and they are slide gates and swing gates. The best choice depends on how level the area is and if there is a steep slope. In most cases a swinging gate, which swings on hinged posts away from traffic is the easiest and most cost effective. If the property is steeply sloped, then the installation of a swinging gate can be changed to accommodate the slope. A sliding gate has little that can be changed to accommodate slopes. After choosing either a sliding or swinging gate, a decision must be made as to whether the gate will be automatic or manual. There is convenience to automatic gates over manual gates.

Cars can be fitted with electronic cards or keypads that allowing control of the gate without ever leaving the car. The last decision would be what type of materials the gate will be made of. There are many choices on the market these days such as the metals, wrought iron, steel and aluminum. Gates can also be made of wood which takes more maintenance but can be custom made to fit the personality of the home. The above tips can assist in starting the decision process for getting a gate system. Do the research of the products and installation companies before making the final decision. There are many Automatic Gates in Perth and perhaps asking around for advice on what materials and types work best would be a good way to help in the decision.

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