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The Amazing Properties Of Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is truly a miracle substance. Ancient aborigines in Australia discovered the melaleuca alternifolia tree. They realized the tree's leaves helped heal wounds and the common cold. Indeed, tea tree oil is a wondrous substance. It fights viruses, bacteria and fungus. Natives would crush the leaves and inhale them for a cold. Additionally, leaves were soaked and applied to the skin to treat wounds. Today, oil is extracted from the leaves and used for everything from acne to house cleaning.

Science supports the benefits of tea tree oil. A 2007 study revealed the oil treats acne. A 2013 Texas study focused on patients with staph-infected wounds. The study showed that some wounds were treated with tea tree oil. Wounds treated with oil and conventional medicine healed faster than those with conventional medicine alone. Interestingly, another study indicates that tea tree oil kills MRSA (another form of staph infection) within hours of application. The oil has an amazing fragrance that is used in aromatherapy. Cancer patients have benefited from the aroma. Tests showed they had a greater sense of psychological well-being. To buy the best oil, visit Apothecary's Amazon Page. Visit tea tree oil for. The best tea tree oil should be stored in an airtight dark-colored bottle. This stops sun and air from lowering the oil's strength.

People who prefer to use all-natural products can make many of them with the oil. Try a refreshing facial toner by mixing a quarter cup of witch hazel with seven drops of apothecary extracts tea tree oil, one cup room temperature green tea and three drops of jasmine essential oil. Likewise, many people prefer to make their own deodorant. That is because commercial deodorants have aluminum in them. Tea tree oil makes a great deodorant. The oil can also be used to make shampoos and conditioners for hair.

The Apothecary Tea Tree Oil on Amazon is very effective on skin. The same active ingredients make it a disinfectant and cleaner, as well. It makes a great cleaner because it is not full of chemicals but kills germs on contact. Indeed, experts say vinegar and tea tree oil are very effective together Vinegar kills 99 percent of bacteria and more than 80 percent of mold, viruses and germs. On the other hand, tea tree oil kills fungi, viruses and bacteria. Combine the two in a spray bottle and it is a powerful cleaner. One can replace many of their regular products with tea tree oil. The consumer will feel better and save some money.

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