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Firefighters Deserve to Be Covered From Harm

Firefighters are known for putting their lives on the line every day to protect the lives and property of others. It takes a special soul and heart to be willing to put everything aside, including one's own life, for the sake of someone they possibly do not know. Firefighters do this without thought or fear of the risk to themselves. Most do not even consider what they do as being dangerous. Firefighters come in all shapes and sizes, young and old, and from every working class in the country. All across the country, the community firefighter battles blazes, rescue those that are trapped and try to keep homes, schools, businesses and forests from burning down to the ground. Keeping these heroes safe should be a number one priority.

The right equipment available, at the right time, is necessary for protecting those who are protecting others. Those who put themselves on the firefighting front line have families of their own. Just like everyone else, firefighter's families want their loved ones to come home safe and sound every day. They want their loved ones to be shielded from harm as much as possible. Firefighters wear helmets to protect their head, neck and eyes from the heat of a fire, falling cinders and blowing ash. Helmets also protect them from objects that fall from a structure above. The composition of helmets, their design and technology, has changed over the years as new materials and innovations become available. Outfitting the firefighters with leather fire helmet shields is a step in the right direction in shielding the firefighter from harm. They are loaded with leading-edge safety features that were designed to make this helmet a durable, trustworthy and effective piece of Fire Fighting Equipment.

When states, townships and cities set budgets for equipment for firefighters, they should keep in mind what these men and women do for their communities. Firefighting equipment should be state of the art, up to date and constantly inspected and reviewed for safety. From Portable Fire Equipment to Wetland Equipment, no expense should be spared to shield the men and women who risk their lives daily in order to keep others safe. The public puts their trust in millions of firefighters every day and counts on them to be there when the call to fight a fire is made. The public needs to be there for them and make sure they are equipped with what it takes to keep them fighting again another day.

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